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Fitness & Boxing Class Deals

Get ready for the best training of your life!
Everyone that walks through the door gets professional fitness training, just like the champions. These high-energy courses will have you kicking, punching and jabbing your way to a leaner, healthier body.

Boxing Classes

unlimited classes (includes kickboxing classes): $99/month • $240/3 months

This class is designed to get you toned, defined and in the best shape of your life. Increase your balance, coordination, stamina, strength, endurance as well as hand-eye coordination. Our classes starts with an aerobic warm-up, followed by heart pumping drills on the heavy bags and mitts, then on to circuit training and of course we end with core exercises. Along with a great workout we will teach you basic punch combinations in a high-intensity drill that provides incredible cardio stimulation. This is by far out most popular class!

Cardio Fitness / Kickboxing Classes

unlimited classes: $99/month • $240/3 months

This class, incorporating bags and aerobics-style rhythm, focuses on building cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and conditioning, with special focus on core strengthening and plyometric training. Cardio kickboxing has been rated as one of the absolute best calorie-burning workouts around. It takes the music, excitement and energy of aerobics and combines them with the self-defense techniques of martial arts. The result is a fun and useful workout that utilizes resistance tubing and body weight exercises that allow for a customized routine.

Kid & Teen Boxing with Artur

unlimited classes: $99/month

Boxing for kids and teens will run 4 days a week from 3:30 PM to 5 PM Mon, Tues, Wed and Thursday. Former Armenian national boxing champ and professional boxer Artur Petrosyan will teach the sweet science of boxing with assistants Joe and Francesco.

Boxing/Fitness Calendar

Holiday hours may change, please call 602-441-4051 with any questions.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  5:30AM Boxing/Fitness Bootcamp   5:30AM Boxing Bootcamp    
3:30PM Teen Boxing 3:30PM Teen Boxing 3:30PM Teen Boxing 3:30PM Teen Boxing   9AM Boxing/ Kickboxing
5:15PM Kickboxing 5:15PM Boxing 5:15PM Kickboxing 5:15PM Boxing    
6:15PM Boxing 6:15PM Kickboxing 6:15PM Boxing 6:15PM Kickboxing